Cost of living in Greece vs USA

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides numerous types of visas to suit diverse purposes of entering the country.

Types of visas in Greece: terms and conditions

Greece has become a popular destination for tourists and potential expatriates from all over the world, the USA included.

The stages for registering properties in Greece

In recent years, Greece has become one of the most desirable destinations for investing in real estate.

Greece citizenship by investment

Since 2013, the Golden Visa program in Greece offers Greece citizenship by investment. The principal advantage of this method is that the applicant does not need to live in Greece.

How to retire in Greece

Most people choose to retire in their home countries. Yet some would like to move to a faraway land and settle there. Many Americans, for instance, dream of moving to Europe, while Europeans want to relocate to New Zealand or Costa Rica.

Mortgage in Greece

Greece has recently become a popular alternative for private property purchases and even immigration, especially among West-European pensioners seeking an inexpensive and quiet life there.

Passport of Greece

Greek citizenship opens the doors to all European Union member states. The passport holders can travel, reside, and work anywhere they like within the boundaries of the EU.

Greek dual citizenship

The Greek nationality ranks among the top 20 countries, according to the Quality of Nationality Index. Greek citizens enjoy high levels of travel freedom, security and human development. Getting Greek dual citizenship is popular with many foreigners.

How to buy property in Greece

If you are looking to buy property in Europe, getting a home in Greece is one of the best options for foreigners. It is a transparent and affordable way to become a permanent European resident.

Taxes in Greece for Expats

The tax system of Greece can be too complicated for many foreigners that come to work and live in the country.

Expatriates in Greece

Recently, Greece has become a popular destination among expatriates, especially from Western Europe, who move there to enjoy the country's good weather, healthy food and peaceful lifestyle.

Golden visa in Europe

Many people around the world would like to obtain a permit for permanent residency in the European Union in order to relocate there or, at least, enjoy the benefits of holding a European passport.

Emigration to Greece

Although Greece is not one of the richest countries in the European Union, hardly anyone will be surprised that living there is the dream of a great many people.

The cost of living in Greece

Millions of tourists come to Greece to enjoy the beauty of this country every year. But there is more about Greece that makes it attractive not only for visiting but also for living on a regular basis.

Best greek island for expats

The word "Greece" brings to mind the Mediterranean lifestyle, antique art, rustic dances, simple yet tasty food, and delicious wine. This country is the cradle of European civilization, and to this day it brims with the Epicurean love for life. No wonder people choose to move there for good.

Permanent Residence in Europe

Many people around the world seek opportunities to get a residence permit in one of the member states of the EU. This article provides the reader with a general overview of the conditions for acquiring a European residence permit.

Property taxes in Greece

Greece is one of the three EU countries that allow foreigners to obtain a residence permit through investment. It is called a Golden Visa Program. And in several cases, one can get citizenship by purchasing real estate.